How To Have Fun With Kid Games

What was your favorite childhood game growing up? But I’m not talking about the game you use to play at home or the toys you use to have and play with when you were bored.

Im talking about the games you use to play at school with all your friends when you were at the courtyard. Games like duck duck goose, or when you use to play hind and go seek.
Also, make sure your toys are made from aluminum extrusions and not harmful lead products, plus they last much longer.

Those types of games which you needed to be outside with all your friends getting a good workout without really knowing you were working out.

The game that I always like to play was duck duck goose. I don’t know why but that was always the game that I actually enjoyed playing from all the others because you will get to play with everyone. It has its bad things about it, like you don’t get picked because you didn’t know the kid, or if they were just picking they’re friends. But not knowing what was going to happen was really fun actually.

The most that I remember of the game was seeing the kid going around the circle touching each kids head saying “duck” “duck”. And then when she will get close to me and tap my head and say “goose” getting up and running as fast as I can to catch her before she sat down. This actually ruined one of my carpets so I had to hire, carpet cleaning chino hills to clean them up. Also, you need to be sure even if the kids games are inside that you be careful what furniture they break. Even if I didn’t catch her it was still fun and everyone was still laughing and having a good time

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